CasinoPlus Answers: How Long Does It Take To Process A Withdrawal?

How Long Does It Take To Process A Withdrawal?

CasinoPlus is a platform that has been considered one of the best gambling sites in the Philippines. Among its many perks is its quick and easy withdrawal process, which our players love. So, when you ask, “How long does it take to process a withdrawal?” our answer is that it is very quick.

Now, bear in mind that the withdrawal process time varies based on your selected method (e-wallets, credit/debit, bank transfers). But overall, you will immediately receive your earnings on our platform.

So, How Long Does It Take To Process A Withdrawal?

We understand that you want to receive your winnings as soon as possible. At CasinoPlus, we ensure that you immediately get the winnings as long as you comply with turnover requirements and the minimum withdrawal amount of P300. Here is a comparison of the industry standard withdrawal time per method and that of CasinoPlus:

Payment Method Processing Time at CasinoPlus Industry Standard
E-Wallets Within 15 minutes 24-72 hours
Credit/Debit Cards 2-3 business days 3-7 business days
Bank Transfers 3-7 business days 5-10 business days

As you can see, the fastest way to receive your funds is through e-wallets. Nevertheless, you can not ignore that the processing time for credit and debit cards and bank transfers is faster than most online casino platforms.

Remember that withdrawal requests are processed only during business hours using credit/debit and bank methods. Requests beyond their normal operating hours will be processed the following business day.

Withdrawal time clock
Withdrawal time clock

Although it may be a setback for others, CasinoPlus partner banks like UnionBank, BDO, and BPI all have the “Express Withdrawal” feature, allowing for faster bank transfers. This special feature allows quicker access to the funds and for free, as long as it is well within a specific withdrawal limit.

Bank Allowed Amount Processing Time
UnionBank P1000 and below Immediate
BDO 1 – 2 minutes
BPI 5 – 10 minutes

Expediting Your Withdrawal

Although CasinoPlus’s withdrawal processing time is extremely fast compared to the industry standard, you can still make it even faster. If you are a VIP, your withdrawal request will always be a priority, and for a small fee of P49, you can immediately receive your funds no matter what method you choose.

Withdrawal time man running
Withdrawal time man running


As you can see, CasinoPlus’ withdrawal processing time is one of the fastest in the Philippine market. If you opt to become a VIP member, you will have even faster access to your winnings. While there may be times that you may receive your funds a little bit longer, CasinoPlus’ customer support will be there to assist you with your withdrawal concern.

Jonas de los Reyes

Jonas de los Reyes

Jonas de los Reyes, known as J.D. Reyes, is the Casino Content Expert at Casino Plus ( With over 17 years of experience in marketing and content development, he boosts user engagement and SEO for the platform. Jonas has a Marketing degree from the University of the Philippines and has held key roles in various startups. He is also active in digital marketing workshops and community events.

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